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One is Greater Than None - Be Part of the Equation

One is Greater Than None: About Us

One is Greater Than None: About Us

For months, a group of 14 year-old girls talked about starting a charity. They were determined to make a difference in someone’s life, but never seemed to agree on “who, what, where or how”. They did however have the answer to the most important question. “Why?”

In the spring of 2007, the girls saw an Oprah episode and were shocked to see children from Ghana, Africa, being sold for as little as $20 by their families, unknowingly, into a life of servitude. They were heartbroken that something like this was actually happening in the world. Ghana was so far away but the International Organization for Migration (IOM) was making it possible for people to sponsor rescue missions that would save these trafficked children from a life of hard labor and abuse. They found out it would cost approximately $4300 to save one child from inhumane and brutal conditions. The children are provided with rehabilitation, and are reunited with their families. This would include 2 ½ years of counseling, career training, education and healthcare. The girls decided to make bracelets and package them on cards that would educate people about what was going on in the fishing villages of Ghana. They designed a necklace with eight wooden beads, representing each girl, which surrounds a recycled glass bead made in Ghana. Tee shirts were made with their logo, (1>0), and their tag line “Be Part of the Equation”.

The girls wanted to raise money, but they were equally determined to raise social awareness. Do anything. Do something. It is such a simple premise, but how easily the world could change if everyone embraced that philosophy. The girls learned that so many people wanted to help. The website, printing, legal consultation, photographers, tee shirts etc… have all been donated by people wanting to be part of the equation. People started organizing fundraisers to support “One is Greater than None” and in the summer of 2008 their clothing line was launched.

Within two years of making a commitment to save at least one child the girls have sponsored the rescue and rehabilitation of 24 children. They also learned of an amazing woman, Pam Cope who shares the vision of eliminating child trafficking on Lake Volta. Pam Cope is founder of the Touch a Life Foundation who has already saved children and they are building a children’s home called the Village of Life. 1>0 is committed to help raise funds to support the building of the Village of Life and the ongoing care of these orphaned and exploited children.

Recently, in response to our national healthcare crisis, the girls wanted to see how they could make a difference here at home. They were excited to learn about an organization called Remote Area Medical (RAM) who supplies free medical care to impoverished rural areas. RAM schedules weekend remote medical clinics, which services hundreds of families. 1>0 is committed to sponsoring full weekend expeditions and to bring more awareness and support to their valiant efforts. Since, this organization relies on the generosity of only volunteers and the donation of most supplies and equipment, it is possible for less than a $5 donation to cover free medical, dental or vision treatment for one person. How exciting to know that a lemonade stand set up by an eight-year old has the potential to give sight to a person in desperate need of glasses, or to alleviate the pain of a person in need of an emergency tooth extraction. This embraces the One is Greater than None’s mission statement “that any contribution, no matter how small, has value”. Visit the One is Greater than None website soon to see our new jewelry to support the efforts of RAM.

There are problems everywhere. In so many cases there are solutions. The girls are asking everyone to look around and then look inside. The answers are there. Especially, now more than ever, it's time to ask how can you "be part of the equation". Who would have imagined what eight teens could accomplish by deciding to do something, do anything? What will you choose to do? Your support is invaluable so please spread the word. Wear the jewelry. Buy the clothes. The girls are asking that you spread the word by forwarding the video of the girls “1>0 - The First Year” to inspire people to find their own cause or to support One is Greater than None. Click here to watch.



Go to the IOM Web Site The first cause of One is Greater than None is to sponsor rescue missions to save the trafficked children in the fishing villages of Ghana, Africa